Photography is an important part of my life. I think, it started ….. when I was …. about six years old, somewhere, in south Poland where I took a photo of two beautiful swans. I still to this day remember the photo. But, alas I cannot find this photo anymore.

Now, I love to take photos of children as they are so natural, spontaneous and when they know me, even a little they are not shy at all. I am experienced in photographing children’s parties. I really like to catch these moments as they are full of emotion, interaction, colours and energy.

During the last few years I had an opportunity to work as an official photographer for many of school events. Every one was a wonderful learning experience, as they were varied with sport days, christmas shows, art lessons, trips and annual class photos, this gave me great exposure and the opportunity to work in different ways whilst always learning something new.

I also love to take portraits of children or adults. As, good portraits are a keepsake that we can cherish forever.

Moving from place to place and every time while looking for accommodation I discovered that one of the important factors when deciding to rent a home are good photos. Very often owners of the house have no time to do it properly. I was asked a few times for help and I started to like projects like these as well.

Who am I? 

I was born in Poland. Happily married mom of 3 kids who have enhanced my life and changed my priorities. Graduated in Marketing. I’ve lived in Japan for more than 4 years and after we moved to Italy for another 4 years. Now, we’ve moved to Norway. I can work through english, italian and polish.
I love coffee, wine, sport, biography books, helping people, time with my friends and sunny days. I live life to the full and see every minute as an opportunity to do something!